Large capacity PET bottle blow molding machine

Mineral water bottles blowing machine




Large capacity PET bottle blow molding machine using a special preheating system and drive system, compared to other manufacturers of similar models of energy saving in more than 50%.


Widely used in edible oil, water and other PET bottles packaging.



1.Large capacity PET bottle blowing machine mechanism:using the original high-pressure integrated valve group to protect a single cavity production capacity increased by 60%.


2.Centralized heating mechanism: the new patented thermostatic thermal cycle light box, heating intercept is 101mm, compared to other domestic rivals 240mm, power saving more than 50%.


3.Blowing machine stretching mechanism: linear slide mechanism to replace the linear bearing, stability improved greatly.


4.Blowing machine main drive mechanism: high-precision double row roller chain patented technology to ensure the stability of equipment and high-speed demand.


5.Hydraulic clamping system: to replace the traditional pneumatic clamping system to ensure the stability of the clamping, rate of qualified products more than 99.8% .

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