SWORSR Oil Recycling Machine




SWORSJC Oil Regeneration Machine

SWORSR Oil Recycling Machine can recycle various waste black lubricants, rolling lubricants and renewable decolorization reduction treatment; also deal with other mineral waste oil.


Technical features:

1.         The oil purifier use special "bleaching deodorant" chemical agents to eliminate the polarity of the waste oil particles between the particles, then they together into large particles of impurities, the gum, asphalt, particulate impurities and other precipitation separate out.

2.         The perfect vacuum degassing dehydration system and exhaust gas filtration system, effectively remove the water and harmful gases in oil.

3.         Use corrosion-resistant, high temperature, good mechanical strength, long life and high precision filtration system.

4.         Advanced heating oil heating system, with fast heating, oil temperature stability, uniform heating and so on.

5.         The machine structure is compact, reasonable layout, simple operation.

6.         Oil purification effect is intuitive, can make black, smelly oil refined into a clear,transparent and no smell oil.

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