SWORSJC Oil Regeneration Machine

SWORSR Oil Recycling Machine




SWORSJC Oil Regeneration Machine designed for the recovery of a variety of waste black internal combustion engine oil,engine oil,the factory process oil,and other oil system replaced with a variety of lubricants,also deal with other mineral waste oil.

Technical features:

1.After purification by the system,the waste oil can become the national standard 150-500N base oil (equivalent to the US API standard class Ⅱ base oil).

2.Treatment of oil widely: can purify variety of waste lubricants (including steam, diesel engine oil and other almost all of the waste oil can be recycled)

3.Simple operation, only 1 to 2 workers can operate the machine.

4.Treatment will cause no secondary pollution: the process is not discharge any waste gas, waste water.

5.The purifier is environmentally friendly, the machine is completely closed, there will not be any harm to the human body,waste oil glial, asphaltene, carbon black will be make into sludge, waste can be use as asphalt or for fuel.

6.Production is high quality of the base oil, there is no unsaturated ingredients, long-term storage does not change color, without any bad smell.

7.High recovery rate: 80% ~ 90% base oil, gasoline and diesel 6 ~ 8%, 6 ~ 9% of the sludge.

8.Low processing cost

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